• I'm here to help you build and grow your startup studio

    Work with me and get access to my 5+ years and 10000+ hours of startup studio related experience and insight


    Save time

    Get access to my "studio brain" so you don't have to spend your time on research. I can give you the "map" of the venture builder mindset, including best practices, trends, risks and solutions.


    Make better decisions

    Identify all your options and decision points, then take the best choice that fits your vision. I can help you navigate the complexities of building and running a startup studio.


    Scale and succeed

    Get hands-on recommendations for all steps you need to make: strategy, organization design, fundraising, operations. I can guide you from inception through the entire startup studio lifecycle.

  • Strategic guidance and support available for short and long-term

    Strategy and vision

    Identify opportunities in the startup studio approach and create the strategy that best supports your aspirations. Select the right focus, organizational structure...

    Venture production processes

    Define and build efficient and scalable venture production processes from ideation through fundraising to spin-off and growth stages...


    Build your financial strategy, fundraising deck and get buy-in from investors to power your venture builder...

    Talent strategy

    Create your Entrepreneur-in-Residence and cofounder program that lets you attract the best entrepreneurs to create your startups...

    Better decisions

    Identify decision points, bottlenecks, risks along the way from building your studio to day-to-day operations. Get insight into global heuristics and make better decisions...


    Create outreach programs towards your local startup and innovation ecosystem and build relations that deliver results to you and your partners...

  • I'm passionate about the startup studios approach because it empowers entrepreneurs to focus on value creation

    A studio is an organization that provides the resources and framework to discover opportunities, efficiently experiment with ideas, find the best founder-market-idea match and make it grow. It's the perfect institutional cofounder to build new ventures.

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    When I became an entrepreneur, I quickly experienced how challenging it is to build something innovative from zero. The classic startup building approach leaves too many systemic risks unchecked: become fixated on the wrong idea, miss opportunities, waste too much time on non-value-add work just for the sake of survival, have no access to the necessary top talent, run out of time and cash before the tipping point...


    A studio or venture builder balances these risks by accumulating and efficiently distributing resources, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their market and customers, reducing the impact of unsuccessful experiments, accelerating the time to go from venture inception to independence. 


    Whether you are a post-exit entrepreneur, an investor, incubator, accelerator, R&D center or public innovation agency, you can tap into the power of the startup studio approach and create a system that will turn ideas into growing ventures.


  • Testimonials

    "Attila is one of the most well-prepared experts I've had the chance to work with. He is a key player of the startup studio scene, and the knowledge he brought to the table was essential when developing the investment structure of Studio One, the first private fund that exclusively invests in startup studio ventures in the CEE region. Attila not only contributed to the concept of the fund but also provides key insight to our selection process, so we may find the right entrepreneurs to lead our current and future portfolio companies."

    - Gergely Freész, CEO @ Studio One Pre-Seed Investment

    "Attila was my trusted COO and advisor for three years. During this time he was instrumental in transforming Drukka from a web development and online marketing agency into the fastest growing venture builder of the CEE region. Attila's international insight into startup studios and sense for strategy enabled me to make the best decisions in transforming and scaling my organization. I recommend him as an expert who can guide you in growing your own startup studio."

    - Tamás Bohner, CEO @ Drukka Startup Factory

    "Attila is amazing. He is super willing to share his knowledge about startup studios and company building. He also sent on loads of great resources after our call. I'd highly recommend chatting with Attila for anyone building a startup studio or just interested in the best way to test/launch startups quickly."

    - Brandon Evans

    "Attila provided excellent guidance and recommendations on our call. Very insightful on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, and Startup Studios. Highly worth the investment!"

    - Ryan Anderson

  • Organizations Attila has worked with

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  • Work with me


    For post-exit entrepreneurs who want to create their own venture builder and make an impact.

    Discover your studio potential

    Cut down on research time

    Make the best choice

    Build your studio strategy

    Develop your execution plan

    Bring your studio to life

    Startup Studios

    For already existing studios who want to make improvements to their day to day operations and up their game.

    Benchmark other studios

    Assess current processes

    Refine fundraising strategy

    Entrepreneur programs

    Continuous decision support



    For VC-s and angels who are considering investing into a startup studio or venture builder fund for the first time.

    Understand studios as investment class

    Assessment and due diligence of potential studios

    Continuous decision support


    For large organizations who are looking for a new way to improve their innovation activities, enhance their existing startup initiatives.

    Understand studios as part of your innovation game

    Build your own venture builder strategy

    Source potential partners and matchmaking

  • How can I help you?

    Describe your startup studio project to explore how we can work together

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    Attila Szigeti

    Creating and supporting venture builders and startup studios since 2015

    Attila has 5+ years and 10000+ hours experience of researching, building and operating startup studios, venture builders. He was Chief Operating Officer & EIR @ Drukka, he authored the Startup Studio Playbook. As an advisor he worked with studios, government innovation agencies and corporations from Europe, North and South America, MENA and Asia.


    Startup studio and venture builder expertise:


    Advisor to startup studios, 2018 - Present


    Planning of the first CEE studio pre-seed invest fund, 2017


    Planning of a hybrid corporate startup studio / accelerator, 2017


    Co-host of the Startup Leadership & Management meetup, 2017


    Host of the Progress Bar meetup, 2016-2018


    Author of the Startup Studio Playbook, 2016


    COO @ Drukka Startup studio, 2015 - 2018


    Startup Sauna Batch 2014 alumni, 2014


    Entrepreneur since 2014


    IT Project and Team Management @ IBM, Citigroup, 2008-2014


    Volunteer and fundraising operations at IAESTE HU, 2000-2006